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About The Olander Corporation

The Olander Corporation opened in Redmond Washington in October of 1980. We moved to Woodinville, Washington in September, 2001. We occupy 17,500 square feet of a 28,000 square foot building owned by the principles of the company.

We are affiliated with The Olander Company in Sunnyvale, California and Olander Fasteners in Rancho Cordova, California. All of the Olander companies strive to provide the best possible quality and service. We are all members of the Pac-West Fastener Association.

While we all work quite closely with each other, there are differences in our companies brought about by our different customer bases. At The Olander Corporation, our customer base is primarily Medical Equipment manufacturers and Aircraft Equipment manufacturers and their related support vendors. To support this customer base we have implemented many quality procedures the “typical” fastener vendor would not expend resources to support.


  • Inspect all incoming product
  • Track our efficiency
  • Track our vendors’ efficiency
  • Maintain paper documentation on all parts from the time of purchase to seven years after the part was sold to our customer (we keep paperwork on military parts for ten years)